Simeon "Red Squirrel" England


I am a product of the ministries of Royal Rangers and FCF. I started in Rangers in 1980 at the age of 4, with FCF following as soon as I could in 1988. When I graduated high school, I stopped attending Ranger camps and most FCF camps while “life” got in the way for a bit. Soon I started back up primarily in FCF and helping wherever I could. I have always loved the history FCF tries to portray, and have a specific calling to minister in FCF.

Royal Rangers grows boys into young men. Please join with us as we mentor future Godly men!


Rob "Sign Language" Randall

Wilderness Rep

Stevie "May I" Du Pont

Chapter Historian

Paul “Twelve Stones” Nottingham


My name is Paul Nottingham, but I am also known as Twelve Stones. I began in Royal Rangers in 1997 on the Outpost Council of Outpost 47 in Morris. I am now the Discovery Ranger Commander of Outpost 53 in Seneca. I Joined FCF in 2003 and was appointed District Scribe in 2012. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about Abe Lincoln Chapter or an upcoming event. If I don’t have the answer I will try to direct you to someone that can provide the answer. I look forward to sharing a campfire with you in the near future.

Jeff Birkey

Jeff "Knapping Hammer" Birkey

Buckskin Rep

Tim “Dancing Waters” McNalley

Jr. Field Advisor

Chris “Wet Mole” Burk

Northern Rep

Beginning my history with FCF started very early when I was 5 years old and in a class named Straight Arrows. Not knowing at the time that the Lord had a straight path for my life that he wanted for my life, I continued to attend and participate in all areas of Royal Rangers and once I had entered high school I now had the opportunity to be a part of something that would change mine and others lives.

In the summer of 1998, I had prepared for the greatest adventure of my life at the time, the opportunity to join FCF! This was an exciting part of my life and now I desire to be a part of this ministry as often as I am able to!

Serving FCF on a District level from the summer of 2015 is life changing. Preparing me and helping me serve the next generation of true servants of Christ. What an awesome opportunity to help others on their straight path that the Lord has for them!


Les “Bare Tale” Henry

Southern Rep
Aaron Spurlock

Aaron "Thunder Arrow" Spurlock

Media Director

Having started his Ranger “career” from the age of three in Rainbows, Aaron is a product of Royal Rangers. He progressed through Straight Arrows, Buckaroos, Pioneers, Trail Blazers, proceeded through JLTC, and went on to become a Lt. Commander in Outpost 33.

Having joined FCF at the age of 13, Aaron has spent many nights sharing a campfire with Old Timers and Young Bucks alike. Although he went Buckskin very shortly after entering FCF, he has yet to obtain Wilderness. He hopes to achieve that status within the next two years.

Aaron took a leave of absence from FCF while he was away for college. He has recently returned to FCF over the past couple years, and is both humbled and honored to serve Abe Lincoln Chapter FCF as Media Director. Using skills he’s acquired over the past 16 years, he’s helping maintain the website, social media, and just about anything else “technical” the district needs.