What is FCF?

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Inside Royal Rangers is a ministry called FCF, or Frontier Camping Fellowship. What does FCF do? What is its purpose? What specifically could I look for in an FCF member? In this article I hope to answer these questions and … Continued

2017 Fall Family Camp

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Coming up is this year’s fall encounter, which is the one event of the year all FCF members may bring their families. It’s a good time where folks can see what FCF is all about. Join us for 2017’s biggest … Continued

Southern Pow-Wow Frontier Adventure

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There was significant interest expressed at this past JLTA camp in having a frontier adventure at Southern Pow-Wow in September. We will make a decision whether to have one based on applications received by August 31. Follow the link for … Continued

2017 Trace

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District Trace is right around the corner. We hope to see you there! Registration at the camp $20 per person $40 max per family Pre-register by 4/14 $15 per person $30 max per family Frontier Adventure $35 Pre-Registered by 4/14 … Continued

Northern Fall Encounter

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Illinois Northern FCF Fall Encounter 2016 is the biggest event for the FCF Fall camping season and is designed to be an easy and enjoyable campout for both the boys and leaders. Come as early as you can and stay … Continued

Southern Fall Encounter

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Join us for 2016’s biggest Southern Illinois FCF event! We will have activities for all ages and family members, with games for the younger lads and lassies, and prizes for winning. Follow this link for more information: http://bit.ly/2bNz8BZ

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